The Blue Jackal - Available on the App Store

An Interactive Book for Children

The Blue Jackal is an entertaining and educational interactive children’s book for iPad available for you to download today on the App Store!

The Blue Jackal features rich and colorful illustrations, interactive embedded animations, lively narration to choose between male & female narrators and original sound effects that bring the story to life and make reading extremely fun for kids.

This book presents a moral-based short bed-time story. The tale shows the consequences of lying and in turn helps highlighting good behavior and honesty.

Watch the Blue Jackal in action!


  • Tap animals and other illustrations throughout the story to bring them to life
  • Professional & lively audio narration - choice of male & female narrators
  • 20 pages of colorful illustrations and authentic text with lots of interactive animations
  • Visual "hand" indicator helps identify interactive objects on each scene
  • Swipe or touch arrow button to navigate between scenes
  • Choose among three written languages: English, French and Hindi
  • Available on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Available on Windows 8