The Blue Jackal - Available on the App Store

The Blue Jackal In America

Special Features

  • 28 pages of rich & colorful illustrations with age-appropriate narration and over 300 rhyming character dialogues.
  • Two different versions of one spectacular adventure!
  • A true kid’s adventure full of lessons and morals focusing on teamwork and cooperation.
  • Friendly and simple interface making this interactive book perfect for young children.
  • Dozens of animations and interactivity on almost every page!
  • Kids just love the things to move and noises to make.
  • Exceptional & lively music, special effects and sound effects throughout.
  • Optimized for retina display to offer the most vibrant experience.
  • Surprising animations that will delight young readers. Fire, Rain, Fireworks and much much more.
  • Lots of humor that everyone will enjoy – children and parents alike.

Things to Try:

  • Fireworks over the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Make the Statue of Liberty’s torch burn brighter with real fire.
  • Tap the clouds to make it rain and drench New York City!
  • Celebrate New Year’s Eve Ball Drop in Times Square.
  • Shake the Christmas tree at Rockefeller! Let’s make a mess! You know how to decorate best!
  • Help Deer & Turtle escape from Hunter in the deep jungles.
  • Help The Blue Jackal & Team to escape from the Circus in New York City.
  • Many more…